We offer Yearly and Seasonal service contracts that include:

-Spring Start-Up (April-May)
After the long winter, we will re-open your system. At this time, we will turn on each zone, checking for leaks and inspecting any spray/rotor heads needing adjustment. Any repairs can be done at this time saving you time and money. If you know of a repair that needs to be done at the time of your start-up, please let us know in advance so that we may allow time for the repairs.
-Fall Winterization (September-October)
Winterization is critical to the operation of your irrigation system. Because of the winter weather in Ohio, your system could freeze and cause extreme damage if the water is not cleared from the backflow, valves, pipes, and spray/rotor heads properly. We have large compressors that will clear and effectively safeguard your system from the winter freeze. We have a weekend schedule that starts in September and ends in October
-Full Irrigation System Install (June-July)
We feel that our System Install may be our best service, because of the detail that goes into the design and personal application of your investment. We treat your project as if it were going into our own home. We will not cut corners or provide inferior products just to get the job done in less time and money. We want your irrigation system to be the most efficient, effective, and dependable thing you own.

-General Repair
We will service everything from cut lines and broken heads, to zone reconfigurations. Even if we did not install your system, we have the tools and technicians who can repair any brand and resolve any problem.


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